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Bokay of Flowers

Bokays of flowers are often given to express love and affection, gratitude and congratulations.


Meaning Behind Colours of Roses

Rose is one of the most beautiful and popular flowers globally, and it comes in loads of different colors. Each color of the rose has a different significance and each shade represents a different quality or thing.


Most Popular Flowers in USA

Flowers can be called mother nature’s smile and her laughter. This mother nature’s smile that is abundantly visible all around us in a wide variety. A type of flower which one likes the most is a matter of personal preference. Here is a brief description of flowers that charm most of us and are loved by most of us.


Flowers For Parents Day

Parents are living Gods. They are the people who spent their lives building yours, and they certainly deserve a big piece of your emotions, respect and care. The best way is to be with them each day and a better way is to be with them with flowers.


Flower Arrangements – Creative pastime

Anything well-arranged and well showcased adds more vibrance and values to the space and if the things are flowers, one of nature’s most beautiful gift, the chore becomes very interesting and rewarding. It also gives one a chance to show one’s artistic edge.


Care For Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are flowers that give you a friendly smile when you look at them. One can also say that they return your smile. In order to keep them smiling one needs to regale them a bit at regular intervals.


How to Arrange Bouquet Flowers

Flower arrangement may seem like a tedious task, but it is something that every creative mind can do. All you need is a keen eye for what looks beautiful in your home and some very common things that you can find around your home. AS you move on and arrange more flowers, you will be taught various tips and tricks regarding flower arrangement.


How To Care For Lilies In Vase

Lily has a white or coloured bloom atop a green stalk. This perennial flower looks stunning if it is properly showcased. Good care prolongs its health and colour. This can be done with just a little effort, with things available at home.


Taking Care Of The Most Beautiful-Orchids

Orchid is one of the most sought-after flowers all over the worldA symbol of grace, joy, friendship, fraternity and virility, this beautiful flower can last longer in a vase if taken care of properly. Being a super star among flowers Orchid needs little more pampering than others to gorgeously adorn your house for a long time.